The Common Cause of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) No One Talks About

I used to think I was immune to UTI. In fact, I prided myself to be the only woman in the family not to have experienced the whole ordeal – my aunts had it, my cousin (younger than me) and my mom contracted the disease.

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Green Tea and Cucumber Smoothie

This is by far my favourite smoothie as it has green tea that zaps calories. The cucumber also makes me feel summery and refreshed, boosting my mood! And what can go wrong with a sugar-free pick-me-up? Enough hyphens, give this a go!

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Kimchi Noodles

Kimchi noodles is a lifesaver (okay dinner saver). It’s so simple, filling, healthy and DELICIOUS. I am not a fan of hot and spicy food, but kimchi is an exception. Even if it can be smelly, the complex flavours of the fermented cabbage trump it all (no pun intended).

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Hungry For Digital Success?

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