Cheese and Pesto Sandwich

Hello hungry ones! It’s time for something fragrant, green: Pesto! Of course, with pesto on, we will add some cheese to make things better. In my other blog, heyteacherella, I talked about my morning hacks. Read more

By Ella, ago

Homemade Yoghurt

Hello hungry ones! I’ll let you into my plans. I want to go to Europe this summer and that takes a lot of preparation, especially financially. So I am making every cent count right now, Read more

By Ella, ago

Tom Kha in Two Steps

Hello, hungry ones! As promised, we will catch up. Before the pesto sauce recipe, it was the vegetarian roti wraps, right? I get hungry thinking about it. I miss that life. I was living in Read more

By Ella, ago

Hot Garlic Shrimp

Hello, hungry ones!¬†As I populate the blog again, I have noticed that I have not published some recipes from 2013. I know I promised a catch up and now this is it. World, presenting Alex’s Read more

By Ella, ago

Pesto Sauce

Hello, hungry ones! Glad to be back after so long! In between making it between classes and planning for my lessons, I have decided to make it a point to make more time for this Read more

By Ella, ago

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