Path to Success: Building Daily Routines

What does everyone want? What do you want? Me, I want to be happy. I want success. Don't you? The problem is that most of us stumble on the meaning of happiness, because we don't know what happiness really is. Is it getting praises for a job well done? Is it shopping for vintage Dior? Is it lounging on your bed all day? Or maybe eating all you can in a five-star hotel?

By Ella, ago

Suman aka Filipino Rice Snack

There are many versions of sumans out there, it depends on what region it comes from. The best suman I have had is called Moron (yes, that's spelled correctly) from Samar Island. The most common suman is what you find in all markets across the country is arguably, a Filipino's comfort food. Shaped like a brick, brown and sweet, it's a convenient healthy snack as its made of rice, coconut milk and sugar.

By Ella, ago

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