Ensaladang Talong (Eggplant Salad)

The Philippines has been colonised by the Spanish for more than 300 years. The word ensaladang is obviously a Filipino corruption of the Spanish word ensalada meaning salad, and talong is the Filipino word for… you guessed it: eggplant (FYI the Spanish for eggplant is berenjena).

By Ella, ago

Vegetarian Roti Wraps

Hello hungry ones! I can’t believe it’s been, what, five months since the last post. Of the million life-changing events that have happened since then, this Ella went to establish an HQ in a place Read more

By Ella, ago

Mushroom Burgers

Look at that. Mushroom burgers are awesome! It is so good, I can’t make complex sentences. It is healthy, tasty and simply badass. Whip this up in the kitchen and everyone will go wow. Seriously Read more

By Ella, ago

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