If you think of yourself as another person, would you strike up a conversation with her?

I ponder on that whenever I feel lost, and most of the time, it leads to more questions, like: What would I ask me anyway? How would I answer?

Being alone can sometimes be sad but most of the time, it’s liberating as it allows you to visit the depths of your mind that are normally out-of-bounds, drowned by the chatter and expectations of society. It can be meditative too. As I write this, I find myself in alone in a house, alone in a country of 250 million people, and it feels strangely comforting. Don’t get me wrong, I am not shunning any social contact, in fact I am looking forward to my fiance ringing me later, or me ringing him. I called my mother too. (Then again, they are all away from me).

Most people think that those acts are time-wasters. I beg to disagree, in fact this can be the best investment of your time. As Plato once said, “Know yourself,” and trust me, these questions are the best way you can know yourself. Why is knowing yourself important in life? Well, it guides you to make the right decisions and ultimately lead a nice, at least satisfying life. You need to know yourself to be yourself.

Take this video for example:

Anyway, here are some questions that may help. I answered it too, because I can’t it myself. I mean, it is healthy to have a conversation with yourself every now and then. Though this is designed for a group, or a pair at least, it is quite useful to use on yourself.

Now it made me think: Will I be friends with myself? The answers might lead me to further actions. Get some more questions from here. Ciao!





I would go to Spain or at least Morocco to be with/near my love. You know what, this answer came so quickly and so naturally, that it set my priorities in life.




Anything by Moebius captures my imagination because they’re very simple and detailed all at the same time. They tell a lot of stories in a single frame.




I feel lonely whenever I feel ignored, rejected, unvalued or looked down upon. I say feel because that’s my interpretation. God knows what the “ignorer/rejecter” thinks. It’s a one-way thing.




Yes. Not only you peel off the layers that hide your innermost, darkest secrets doing this, but also you become more honest to yourself (more than anyone).




Yes. It seems passe and un-classy but knowledge can inspire people to do more and take action. Saying this, I would only tell these kinds of information to friends, who are not a lot.




I have had people tell me this but I don’t think so. I fail a lot in listening to other people’s real needs through communication, but I know this usually happens when there’s a lot of things bothering my mind, so at least I can create a solution to my failings. If I failed you (hi, babe), I’m sorry, I am trying harder at this department.




A good travelling companion has the following traits: ability to be organised, adventurous, chill, observant and punctual.



A bad meal and a good hotel because to be honest, I’ve had my fair share of bad hotels. Good meals are not difficult to come by – there’s probably a restaurant beside the hotel that can do good meals anyway, but nothing can beat a good time in the sack, resting and recharging. Preferably with a well-stocked bar.



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