I experimented last night with a classic. I made a curry egg mayo sandwich. Now, why do I have to make a simple thing like egg mayo complicated? Let’s just say, necessity is the mother of invention.

Egg mayo sandwiches are a perennial favourite. It’s yummy, it’s nutritious and it’s damn easy to make. I have a fond memory of this sandwich. Mama calls it egg sandwich, and she likes making it for me as a school snack because “it’s nutritious!” – no complaints from me – bring it! Now my friend Yanyan likes Mamas sandwiches and because I am a good-natured person (eherm), I share. Now one day, when Yanyan was visiting the house – and my mom was around (it was probably a weekend or a holiday) – she came up to her and said, “Tita, I always want to have Ella’s sandwiches because they’re delicious. Can you please make me one egg sandwich?!” Then she made Yanyan one, and none for me. Points for confidence, Yanyan.

I learned from that experience, so I copied Yanyan’s strategy. When the playdate was scheduled in her house and her equally busy mom was in the house, I complimented Yanyan’s sandwiches in school. She so she made me an egg sandwich then, WITH CHEESE. ONLY FOR ME. Then she made me have carrot cakes with smarties in it. Hrm.

Moving on, curry and egg mayo – why? Well when you have a severe hankering for an Indian dish and you don’t have a car, you’re saving money and time (who wants to wait for 2 hours in Jakarta traffic?), what do you do? INVENT. So that’s what I did. My favorite sandwich plus my favourite (one of my favourites, take note) spice mix, and boom = happiness. And due to insistent public demand, with public meaning one person there, I am now going to share the recipe.


What you need:

1 hard boiled organic egg

1/2 c mayonnaise

1 tbsp curry powder

dash of chili powder

dash of salt

sprig of fresh parsley, chopped


What to do:

1. In a bowl, combine everything except for the parsley. Mix. Don’t be scared to crush the egg. Smash it, break it, destroy it – just mix it. Add spices according to your taste. I prefer it chunky though.

2. Get a spoonful, and spread it on a slice of hot French baguette, sprinkle with chopped fresh parsley. Enjoy! Easy peasy, nutritious goodness!

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