Hello, hungry ones. Who has silver jewelry here, raise your hands! I do, and I want to keep it nice and sparkly because, that’s how you give love to it, right? I believe putting importance to an object is by giving it the respect and care that it should have. There are certain jewelry pieces that I wear everyday because I want to be reminded by the people who gave them to me (everyday!) and they are A and Mama! Because I wear them everyday, it gets “tired” easily. And now that I have more time in my hands since it’s summer holidays over here, I know I can clean them with my homemade silver cleaner!

Now in the Philippines, because I know how people work there, it’s easy to find a silversmith to clean my pieces. Here, it’s a different scenario – so I tried to make this homemade silver cleaning solution.

I actually tried two methods. The first one I tried was more on a physical method as I didn’t want any chemical reactions happening to my silver, like one time I bleached this ring and it got black – oh god, worst moment of my life that time – and that made me realise that I should stick to methods where there are no chemical changes involved. So I googled Homemade Silver Cleaner and came up with the rice method where it involves putting rice in a lidded bowl with lots of dishwashing liquid and shaking the whole thing. The premise was that when you put your jewelry in that mixture and shake, you’d clean the silver by having the rice scrub off the grime/tarnish off. I thought it was quite clever and ingenious! So I did that.

It did not work. It took a lot of calories due to constant shaking and lots of suds, not to mention guilt because I’m using rice (food) to basically clean something that’s… vain (but it’s sentimental and valuable for me, so…) so don’t try it, it’s a waste of time and resources.

So I did the other thing which used electromagnetism as the chaching formula for cleaning silver and that is by using baking soda and aluminum foil (with added vinegar to boost the chemical prowess of the solution): lo and behold, the Holy Grail of Homemade Silver Cleaners has been found.

Yes, it involves a chemical change, but after the wastage that was rice and soap, I gave up and went “Okay chemical change it is, but let’s do it the the least harm”. I had to buy baking soda, but so what, I can use it for all around cleaning other household stuff.

GUAPA - IMG_1630

This is what you need for your homemade silver cleaner:

What you need:

  • glass bowl
  • aluminum foil that can cover the bowl
  • 1/2 c boiling water
  • 1/2 c vinegar
  • 1 tbsp baking soda
  • tongs (I used chopsticks because I don’t have tongs)
  • your jewelry, duh

Things to do:

  1.  Line the bowl with the aluminum foil.
  2. Put the baking soda in.
  3. Add the vinegar and be mesmerised by the following chemical reaction. Add the water next.
  4. Drop the jewelry into the solution.
  5. After a minute or two, turn them to the other side. (longer if it has heavy tarnish)
  6. Wait for another two minutes.
  7. Take the jewelry out of the solution and let it dry.
  8. Then with a clean cotton cloth, wipe it, buff it and voila! It’s shiny again!

I DID NOT EDIT ANYTHING IN THESE PICTURES. This homemade silver cleaner is a very effective and very cheap way to preserve the beauty of your jewelry. So go on, take out some of the silver pieces you love and give it some love back!



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