Salveo Acupuncture clinic has a newly opened branch in Alam Sutera and I was given a free pass to try it!

Since it’s my first time to try acupuncture,  I was both anxious and excited at the same time. Lucky for me, one of my friends was also given a free pass so there was two of us to cheer each other on in case of… cold feet.

Saying that, I was more pumped than anxious. I am a person who’s quite open to try new stuff, especially alternative medicine. Back in medical school, I had this friend who went to China to study alternative medicine. He opened his clinic just below my apartment. I popped in to say hi one day and shook his hand – he noticed that I have sweaty hands! The horror. Anyway, that lead to him reading my energy and concluded that I lack yang energy. I wanted to try acupuncture right then and there but for some reason it just didn’t pan out.

Seven years later, I finally had the chance to do so!


My friend S and I arrived in Salveo and we were greeted warmly by Miss Elsy. We filled up paperwork asking for our name, address, birth date, email, etc. We were told that the doctor was still attending other patients so we were given a tour of the clinic first – and it was massive! It was clean, modern and sophisticated with lots of space. It looked like a hospital-slash-spa. With three floors, it houses an elevator to help patients who cannot use the stairs. It has a physiotherapy area for those needing rehab and it also has a child development center on the third floor for children with special needs (ADHD, autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, dyslexia, etc), offering psychological evaluation and a learning area.



We were then asked if we wanted our treatments taken individually and we unanimously said we wanted to be together (cheer leading spirit on!) so we were given the VIP Couples Room. Again, it looked like a spa not a clinic. We were offered tea or water – I declined because I knew I’d go to the toilet if I took a drink. S got herself hot black tea.

Miss Elsy turned the TV on for us as we waited for the doctor. After about three minutes, the doctor arrived. She looked and sounded so smart. Her name (if I remember correctly) is Dr. Lesty and she studied in China and Amsterdam. She’s so warm and so open that I immediately felt at ease. We talked about how her life changed after moving back from the Netherlands back here in Indonesia, and how educational and medical systems differ in Europe and Asia. After a bit of chitchat, she proceeded to ask me about my medical history and I told her everything: painful right shoulder, irregular periods, gallstones, mood swings, asthma, migraines – she quipped how I had so many! She explained how it all works – the qi energy flows in our bodies and how it’s blocked makes us feel off or worse, sick, hence it needs to be unblocked. She went on to look for my blockage. She told me to sit up and palpated my right shoulder, asking me where it hurts. She then checked my tongue and noted that the left side was dark. She did her thing and I was made to lie down and then boom – she put needles on my head!


I did not feel a thing. I only know they’re putting needles on because I can feel alcohol being wiped on my scalp. Then she inspected my body language as I was lying prone in bed. My feet were pointing towards each other; she noted that I was tense. I needed to open my body! She then started to put needles on my feet and noted that they were clammy (again, yang energy deficiency), then to my abs (ovaries), my arms, my wrists, my face and my temples. I didn’t feel any pain. I tried to move my hand and one needle hit the bed and it hurt like hell. Not injection kind of pain, not stabbing, but more like being pressed. She told me to relax. I can’t because I don’t know where some needles are and I didn’t want to move! I just watched her make a pin cushion out of S’s neck because she complained about stiff neck. Turns out it’s more than stiff neck and she had spleen energy problems. I couldn’t understand it so I just watched TV. She told us to just lie there in the dark for 15 minutes and call them when it’s time. She gave us a beeper to call the nurses, Ella and Dewi.

S asked me if I felt any pain when they were putting needles on me and I said no, and she said she feels them! She told me that she researched about this (talk about prepared!) and told me that if you feel pain when a needle is being stuck there, that’s your problem area. Well, out of the twenty plus needles I can see sticking out of me, I guess I don’t have any problems (I was thinking then, dang, are my problems imaginary?)

We were left there just talking but the darkness and the cold is just so relaxing. We got quiet at some point and just stared at the TV. I never knew local TV could be so relaxing even if I didn’t understand a thing. Doc came back and quickly removed the needles and proceeded to stick needles on my other parts. She checked my tongue and noted that it was lighter and pressed my shoulder and amazingly IT DIDN’T HURT ANYMORE. I was impressed. She did the same to S and she left us in the dark for 30 minutes. She arrived 45 minutes after and gave us both a massage and told us we were finished!

I asked her how I can have my qi flow freely and she advised me to have more physical activity, meditate, eat healthy and sleep whenever I can. She feels that my mind needs rest and reassuringly, she told me that young people (as young as high school kids!) are experiencing stress unlike any age groups she has ever encountered.

The aftermath?

Well I felt great. I felt so relaxed and energized and I know that if my fiance were here, he’d say I have a spring on my step and my body felt loosey-goosey as well. I can’t feel any pain and it feels like I had just gotten out from a great massage but without the stress of being touched and kneaded by a stranger’s hand. I love how the needles soothe the body with minimal body contact (hah! #introvert).

Overall, my acupuncture experience was a very good one and I would definitely go back for some more sessions whenever I feel like my qi isn’t at its best. I’d definitely recommend Salveo Acupuncture to any Alam Sutera, Tangerang or Serpong locals who are interested in trying a luxe alternative medicine treatment.

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