Hello, hungry ones! The next recipe is a brilliant life hack that saved my ass from hunger many times: the humble, idiot-proof Breakfast Bites.

You don’t know who you truly are because you are growing all the time. You discover yourself, you adapt, you change according to situations you find yourself in. I’m saying this because I think… you don’t know who you truly are until you have lived alone, and sometimes, you find things that are unflattering.

Cutting to the chase: You don’t know how lazy you are until you’re by yourself. Oh man. Living with your parents, with strangers, with classmates – that’s you putting your foot forward. Best foot, probably, but you’re acting based on their expectations when you are with people.

When you’re alone, your house is your own private Idaho: you can do whatever the fuck you want. Cook half-naked, sleep until 10am, eat cereal for dinner, play with your pet turtles before breakfast, wash the dishes after three days (not recommended), eat dinner on the couch, WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT.

Well, I’m notorious in my circle as the person who’d rather be (in the house) alone. The only person who creates an exception to the rule is Ash, really, mainly because I can do the shit I do alone when I’m with him too (I’m so lucky!), but not with food.

Food. When you’re alone, your appetite slows down. That’s my experience anyway. Eating, or preparing food, is not really the same experience. It’s suddenly not worth it, somehow. I know that you should love yourself first, whatever your shrink or yoga teacher says, yeah sure, but cooking involves so much chopping and washing the dishes that it weighs the experience down most of the time. And don’t tell me about the gas and electric consumption as well – I don’t want an environment-friendly-cooking litany by cooking by batches, I am fully aware of that – so pizza or McDonald’s delivery is always an option. And I just eat for sustenance now, I notice. Fuck flavour, I will eat anything that gives me my dietary recommended allowance: protein, carbs and fiber is banana and hardboiled egg for dinner for example. It’s not bad, but it’s not good either (it’s real food though!).

Now I’ve gained weight since Christmas probably because: I am growing older and my hormone levels are changing, my metabolism is slowing down, I am not going to the gym and walking as much, I have started eating meat again. Whatever the reason is, I am consciously trying to better my diet, and with better I mean eating less to keep my healthy shape.

For example, I don’t buy cookies as much now. One pack (roll) of Oreos is enough for the week, I tell myself, just to cut my sugar intake. I don’t have breakfasts anymore, I do brunches, so most of the time I eat 2 meals a day. So because I’m a sweet tooth and snacking is important to curb hunger sometimes, I devised a plan: make your own treats if you’re hungry. This works for me because I am a lazy ass sometimes. Me? Make treats for myself? If there’s a brood or clan waiting for it, yeah but ME?

When hunger screams. You. Do. It. Breakfast Bites call my name. Yep.


So I made these breakfast balls out of my pantry’s contents. It’s a recipe of survival and it’s healthy and delicious at the same time! Best of all, you can have it for brekkie, or just an all day/everyday snack! And it’s so easy to prepare: you just collect the shit and mix. Win!

Now this recipe doesn’t call for measurements because you can tailor it to your needs, flavour and nutrient-wise. A word of advice, peanut butter is extremely fatty (recommended serving is 2 tablespoons) so take it easy on that.

What you need:

  • peanut butter
  • oatmeal
  • raisins (or any dried fruit) 
  • walnuts, chopped (or any nut in hand, no I don’t mean that!)
  • jam
  • rice crispies
  • dried coconut
  • honey
  • chocolate chunks

What to do:

*Note: the recipe yield will be up to your measurements. Also, the peanut butter will serve as the glue of this recipe – if you have a lot of dry ingredients, add some more peanut butter. Conversely, add more of dry ingredients, preferably oatmeal, if your mixture is too wet because of peanut butter.

* The ones in bold are non-negotiables for me but because I loooooove PB&J I always put a dollop of strawberry jam. Mmmmm.



1. Mix it up. Chill for an hour. Form into balls. Chill until you want to gobble some. Enjoy, and remember not to overeat!

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