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No Bake Breakfast Bites

Hello, hungry ones! The next recipe is a brilliant life hack that saved my ass from hunger many times: the humble, idiot-proof Breakfast Bites.

Pan-Fried Basil Salmon

Pan-Fried Basil Salmon – a quick and easy salmon dish that you can whip up in 15 minutes’ time!

Suman aka Filipino Rice Snack

There are many versions of sumans out there, it depends on what region it comes from. The best suman I have had is called Moron (yes, that’s spelled correctly) from Samar Island. The most common suman is what you find in all markets across the country is arguably, a Filipino’s comfort food. Shaped like a brick, brown and sweet, it’s a convenient healthy snack as its made of rice, coconut milk and sugar.

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