Hello, hungry ones. Taking inspiration from Daft Punk’s 2013 album, this will be a theme of articles that will be taken from my memory vault a.k.a. my tiny brain (or photo library, frankly).

Technology changes the way we think and the way we live. Memories, stored both in your hard drive and your organic brain, are stocked in there randomly, and get to be accessed randomly too. Sometimes you remember something pleasant, sometimes you remember shit and it makes you cry in public, making another unpleasant memory. We don’t want that, do we? Hence, we strive to create good memories.

But we know that life isn’t a bed of roses. Well, maybe it is, but that bed of roses has thorns in it.  However, memories are of the strange sort. Unpleasant or not, you remember it fondly after some time – that’s what good about memories, I think. Sure it guarantees lies from yourself (false memories and all) but you can transform it into something that inspires YOU.

One of my friends status-ed this the other day and I think it’s beautiful: When you find yourself at your lowest, with one of life’s many challenges facing you, push on. At the end of it, realise that if you were able to endure when you were at your worst, how much more can you achieve when you are not.

My version will be like this: Everything is temporary. Life can go bad but when things are well, you will compare the present with the past and be thankful for it has brought you to new places.

Endure. Chill. Look forward. Everything will be a good memory after all the hoopla.


So… Let’s toast to that!

P.S. That picture above is taken from a park in Hatyai, Thailand with my boyfriend (now fiance). The journey going to that hill wasn’t exactly pleasant as we borrowed a small bike, riding it under the heat of the tropical sun. Looking at the picture, it makes me smile knowing that I made a memory with the man I love most in the world. Now that’s just a snap of the time we have there. Looking back I remember complaining how that place didn’t have anything to offer, but right now, with all the memories and adventures associated with it, I’m like, hey that was a pretty cool place.

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