Baked Goods

Easy Ham and Cheese Rolls

So there has been this fixation on bread making on my part for some time last month (check the cinnamon rolls) and I grew tired of making sweet bread. What can I say, it’s a “too much of a good thing” situation.

By Ella, ago

Easy Embutido

Hello, hungry ones! Embutido is perhaps one of the most memorable dishes I can ever think of. It sure is a meatloaf log, but it is a special meatloaf log. I remember my paediatrician’s secretary peddling her Read more

By Ella, ago

Baked Talaba

Hello, hungry ones. Alex here pressures me to publish the baked oysters post and you know what, I don’t mind  because… everyone loves baked oysters! What you need: 2 kg oysters (talaba) 1/4 C margarine/butter Read more

By Ella, ago

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