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Hello, hungry ones. If you’re like me, you’re hungry for more blog readers. I admit that I am a slave to numbers at this game called online marketing. You know what the trick is? Having good content. Now, we kinda understand that good content is the one that you write on a regular basis, but what about the static content (the one that rarely gets updated in your site) like the About Me page?

It matters.

Let’s take it like this: whenever I go to a new website, most of the time, especially if it’s a recipe or a restaurant website, I check the About Me page. Why? Because I want to know who is the genius behind this glorious food (and if I’m on a health website, I make sure that the writer isn’t a quack doctor!) I want to trust what I’m reading, and that’s where the business happens. Engagement.

It allows for a personal connection and the knowledge that there is a real person behind the computer screen sends a message that says “Hey, I can relate to you and your problems!”

Thing is, and I’m not going to deny this, it’s tricky to write an About Me page. Writing about yourself is always difficult as you are biased. Of course, you want to talk about yourself. This is YOUR website. No one can interrupt your narrative and your date won’t judge you. But – you have to be careful as your About Me page should be short, engaging and most of all, representative of your personality.

So what can we do to make writing an About Me page easier?

As an English teacher before, I trust my guide questions. Yes, kids. Guide Questions are your friends. For this activity, you have to know what your guide questions are to, aherm, guide your writing. Are you ready? Let’s start:

Who are your readers?

Oh yes honey, even if it’s YOUR website – it is a business and you should think of your clients’ experience first. Who are they? What will make them smile, what can you do to make yourself useful to them? These readers don’t read, “just because”. They are looking for something and, please make their time worth it. Offer something fun to read, aspirational or informative. Post beautiful pictures. Show a hypnotising time lapse of a blooming flower. Make it worth their time.

What are you offering them?

Again, this should be clear like your branding. Are you a website for teachers? Make sure you offer them the right stuff. Ask yourself, “What can a teacher use in my website?” Lesson plan templates? Easy class extension ideas? Tips on how to dress in school? You get the idea. Make it clear so that the ones who are looking for a recipe on vegan chow mein won’t waste their time on your website.

What made you start a blog?

Ah, this is where personal connection happens. And no, I don’t mean it like they say in Craigslist. Your interest in creating your product or blog is always a good conversation starter. Maybe you were frustrated because there were no good vegetarian directories in your area? Were you just looking for a creative outlet? Just get yourself out there. It provides a good, personal take on things.

How do you describe yourself?

Or also, what are your hobbies? I know, it sounds too much like a slam book but again, this will be a part of your branding. Your readers will identify with you if you are of a certain personality. Don’t start your page with “I am Ella and I am of average height and friendly, with black hair, etc” as a way to describe yourself, though! Make it subtle. Show your personality off by using certain words to stay true to your authentic self. Here’s a tip: After writing your About Me page, read it aloud. Now focus. Are there some words that sound weird, like you’re not really gonna say naturally? Delete that. Key word: Authenticity.

Show thyself.

Okay this is not a guide question but a command. And I know I’m kinda cheating with this but that’s beside the point: it’s important for readers to see who’s actually the person behind the website! Are you a team? Show yourselves. Are you a lone wolf? Okay, well post a pic. Not only you’re putting a face on the man behind the counter, people judge faces and they want to see that you’re real. Plus, you know, I really wouldn’t listen to a “makeup guru” if she can’t apply good makeup herself – if this is a makeup site. It’s proof, that’s all.

Final thoughts: So there you have it, guys, it is a challenge to write your own About Me, but hey, it can be done. Grab your pen and paper and sit in your thinking chair and get yourself to work.

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